It's not about WHAT we do.

What we do is not unique. We do brand positioning. We do graphic design. We do digital marketing. Social media. We create content. We do everything that a standard agency does. What we DO isn't unique.

Or even HOW we do it.

How we do it is unique in two ways. Firstly, we create tailor-made teams from a global network of highly talented freelancers, and, secondly, we basically act like an in-house team as opposed to an outside agency. We are embedded marketers. 

It's about WHY we do it.

We believe that marketing is no longer about how you reach people. It’s about why people should reach for you. It's more than just pushing a commodity. It’s about pulling together a community. 9Dotz unites your company and customers into a community, creating something of value. It's less about our product, more about our process, and mainly about our principles. It's why we create that sets us apart.


Our work

9Dotz is your one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs from building a marketing strategy to implementing it to helping you produce it yourself. For us, marketing isn’t a function that’s apart from your business and product. Marketing is why and how you do all of those things. The culture of the company and brand positioning go hand in hand. We'll work with you on a project or retainer basis, tailoring our services to cater to your specific needs. 


Who we are

9Dotz was established in San Francisco, California in 2009. Now with offices and team members in Melbourne, Australia and Istanbul, Turkey we've built bridges across three continents to bring you the best people, ideas and value.

With 9Dotz you'll gain a new kind of marketing partner dedicated to your message, not any medium.  Rather than just acting as your agent, we are a firm dedicated to building YOUR sense of agency and your confidence in your own ability to shape your brand.  We help you write your story and share it with the world in a way that will attract attention, and income.  


We help find where business interests intersect with human interest and take you there organically… following your story into people’s lives.  We do whatever it takes to earn the attention of your audience.  We build websites, blogs, videos, take pictures, record podcasts... whatever will best convey your message.  We work for your customers, as much as you... representing their interest with you and your interests with them.  


We are honest brokers.  Bridge builders.  Brand builders.

Our Team

It's personal. We care about you. 

We are a groundbreaking international blend of independent visionary doers based in San Francisco, Istanbul and Melbourne. When it comes to how we work, our team actively manages a no a**hole policy not only for ourselves, but our clients. If you want intense, intelligent and creative, we're your people. 


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