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indefinite uncertainty isn’t just the new normal – it’s reality, and frankly, always has been

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just about the worst thing you can do when change is accelerating is scramble to react


and the best way to predict the future is to invent it… that's the business we're in

About Us
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 so what do we do? 

What We Do

we connect your dots a little faster than others to help find relevant and unexpected solutions

How? By finding new ways to drive innovation. Whether you're being disruptive in your brand positioning, new products, business model, or in how you communicate and execute your strategy... we've got the talent and tools to help you transform in turbulent times.


brand consulting

  • consumer insights/implications

  • new product innovation

  • brand positioning

  • marketing plan development

  • creative/communication strategy

  • business model optimization/reinvention

  • corporate culture evolution



  • brand identity development

  • content creation catalyst (we're not your agency, we make your agency better)

  • real-time marketing engagement (happy to share more)

  • in-house movers (DIY agency building)

meet the team

If there’s one thing recent history has taught us, it’s that life’s challenging times are made easier with the love and support of friends, family and even strangers. Every man for himself is no way to live. We’re all in this together. Over the years, we’ve worked and played together and surrounded ourselves with a community of thinkers, creators and catalysts across continents and industries. The hub of this wheel is our core team:

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Han Delin

Omar 9Dotz

Omar Hikal

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Nicole Kiran

Patrick 9Dotz.jpeg

Patrick O'Grady

Image by Matthew T Rader

Community of Creators

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Jim Sexton

Our Team
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let's connect

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